Did You Get Your Heenee Shot?

Gotta love Mama. She’s the gift (of laughter) that just keeps giving. She has a great sense of humor and provides us with much entertainment.

This is the phone conversation between my sister and our mother just a few days ago.

Mom: I just wanted to let you know that your Dad and I got our heenee shots.

Sister: You got your what?

Mom: Our heenee shots?

Sister: Ummm…what exactly is a heenee shot?

Mom: You know the newspapers, TV, and the government are recommending everyone get it.

Sister: What?

Mom: Well, they say it’s too dangerous to risk not getting it.

Sister: Would you spell that for me because I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.

Mom: H I N I. You know that swine flu thing all those people are dying from.

My sister then went on to tell me how she and my mom were riding around once looking at flood damage and my mom popped up with, “You better be careful of all that “derbis” everywhere.”

“What the heck is derbis?”

Mom replied, “I don’t know but the sign says you better watch out for it”.

Now my friends, You know why I never wanted to ride with her when she wasn’t wearing her glasses!

I did not get a heenee shot. Out of the last ten years, I got a flu shot only once. And you guessed it. That was the only year I got the flu. So, I’m taking my chances.

Did you get your heenee shot?

My Mama says it’s dangerous if you don’t!

4 thoughts on “Did You Get Your Heenee Shot?

  1. Yes, I had to control my laughter when I was carrying on that conversation. Would never want to hurt her feelings. She is a wealth of humor though. You can’t make this crap up!

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