Ruby Tells It Like It Is

Ruby (the monk parrot) and Wylie (the labradoodle-puppy) have an understanding.

Ruby understands that as long as the puppy doesn’t try to eat her, she won’t peck her too hard.

Wylie understands that as long as the bird doesn’t peck her too hard, she won’t eat her.

Ruby belongs to my MIL and she mimics things that she says, her voice, her laugh, and even her sneeze.

Ruby refuses to use Wylie’s name. She insists on calling her Raven. Raven was my black lab that died in February. Wylie is replacement puppy. (Not that another pet can replace the previous but you get my point!) Ruby hangs upside down from the flap of the cage, dangling over Wylie’s head (intermittingly pulling the dog’s hair) and saying, “Call Raven…woof woof.”

She also says, “Call Sally…woof woof” when she sees my SIL or her dog, Sally.

Sometimes, she’ll peck my MIL’s arm in which MIL will shout “Stop it!”. Ruby will reply, “What’s your problem?”

When the phone rings, Ruby shouts’ Hello”.

When someone enters or exit’s the room, Ruby questions “where you been” or “where you going”. She once asked me, “Where you gonna be going?”

When she hears tires spinning up the gravel driveway, she informs MIL that “somebody is coming to see us.” It recently changed to “OMG! Somebody is coming to see us!” MIL swears she doesn’t know where that came from. We think MIL was sitting around in her nightgown and replied that upon realizing she had a visitor.

I personally am not a bird person. Never have been. I don’t particularly trust Ruby, so I don’t get too close to her. She has been known to peck rather hard at times. However, I do find Ruby to be quite entertaining.

Other things Ruby says are: Ruby is a funny girl….ha, ha, ha! Time to go to bed. (She says this when it gets dark outside) Ruby is a sweet girl. Ruby is a good girl. Is Ruby want a peanut? (Yes, she says is instead of does!) Mama loves you. Give Mama a kiss. Let me rub your head. Give me your foot. Peek-a-boo! She has an expansive vocabulary…these are the only things I can recall off the top of my head.

Ruby often mumbles under her breath. Sometimes we can make out what she’s saying. We figure she’s fussing because we’ve invaded her territory. She is quite protective of MIL and MIL’s recliner. She once flew into my BIL’s head when he attempted to hug his mom. If someone sits in MIL’s chair, she squawks to the high heavens until they move.

Last winter, Ruby flew out of her cage. Dirt Man tried to direct her back in with a broom. Ruby flipped out and ran into the window knocking her self out for a mere second or two. She didn’t speak for several hours. I thought Ruby was a goner. I thought my husband was, too. If anything had happened to Ruby, MIL surely would have done him in!!!! I’m happy to report that the following day, Ruby was back to her normal chatty self.

Ruby can associate animal names with their owners and even spouses. She also even uses some phrases in the correct context. So therefore, the next time I get called a “bird brain”, I’ll take it as a compliment.

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