The Medicine Man

My father is not a man who goes to the doctor often. Just doesn’t believe in them. Thinks most of them are quacks.

My father is his own medicine man. If something ails him, chances are that he has something in the house that he feels will most likely ease his symptoms. If all else fails, then he MIGHT go see his family physician.

My father eats gin soaked raisins on a daily basis for arthritis. He swears by it. I tried it, but my pain is not constant so I don’t know if it really worked or if it was coincidence. I admit I only did it for a few days. Some say it’s the sulphides used in the process of making golden raisins and some say it’s the juniper berries in the gin that brings relief to arthritis sufferers. (He used to wear a copper bracelet for arthritis, but gave it up after he started eating his raisins!) Various internet sites suggest that one eat nine gin soaked rains daily for relief. My father eats four tablespoons. We tease that due to the amount he consumes, he is unable to feel the pain!

Another remedy he swears by is tart cherry juice to relieve his gout. Apparently, cherries reduce the urate levels in the body. I don’t have gout, so I’ve never tried it. An old mountain man told my father about it, and he seems to get relief by drinking it.

Another on his list is honey and cinnamon. Many report that honey alone will help with allergies. Honey and cinnamon together are used by many holistic people for heart disease, arthritis, cholesterol, and cancer. I am not sure of his intended use, but he drinks the honey in his coffee, and eats his toast with honey and cinnamon. I tried it as a tea last winter. The flavor was good , but the cinnamon and honey kind of clot into a snot ball in the bottom of the cup. It took several times before I was able to swallow the “slime” without gagging. Did it help me? I don’t really know, but it did help warm me up on chilly days.

I think he is an occasional user of apple cider vinegar. It has been said to possibly help diabetes by lowering glucose levels. Does it work? I don’t know. People use it for a lot of other reasons as well, but I don’t think my father uses it for any other.P9110013

The main holistic medicine my father uses is colloidal silver. He swears by it, and so do I.

It is interesting to note that prior to the introduction of antibiotics, CS was used as a germicide, disinfectant, and was used to treat many infections and diseases. My father was diagnosed several years ago with renal cancer. He was told that chemotherapy and radiation would not help him and that his only solution was to have his kidney surgically removed. He absolutely refused. I was furious with him. I thought he was going to die. He refused medical treatment and put himself on a colloidal silver therapy. I don’t know exactly what his regime was, but I know that at his one year check up there was no change in his condition. At two years, there was a slight shrinkage. At three years, he had absolutely no trace of cancer. Was it the CS? Was it a miracle from God? I don’t know the answer. But he continues to take CS as a precaution and an immune booster. I have been taking CS on a daily basis for a year now. If I feel like I am catching a cold or my throat is getting sore, I increase my dosage. Last year, was the first year that I did not get sick even once. It was an amazing winter for me because I work with small children and tend to get sick at least six times over the course of the fall and winter seasons.

Do these home remedies or holistic solutions work or are they in the mind of the partaker? Does the answer even matter? If one is receiving relief, that is probably the only answer that person is looking for.

My father’s doctor told him that he likes that he doesn’t come in for every little sniffle, ache, or pain. He told him that he respects that he comes to him only when he’s exhausted all efforts. This doctor has a good bedside manner or at least he knows how to humor this self indulgent country medicine man. On thing’s for sure, my father swears by this doctor just like his colloidal silver.

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