Leave Me Alone

It is a perfectly dreary day.

I have a big pot of chili on to compliment the chill in the air.

I plan to remain in my pajamas for the duration of the day.

Sound blissful?

I thought so…until….

The RING RING RINGING of the phone.

Not just any rings, but the continuous ringing of the annoying political calls.

Leave me alone.

I will only hang up on your machine. If indeed, I am gracious enough to sit through your little spill, I will not be swayed by your opinion.

My mind is made up.

Nothing you say will make me change my stance.

If I were in need of political enlightenment, I would not depend on your biased opinion. I would do my own research and come to my own conclusions.

I hang up on machines. The machine then triggers a real live annoying person to call me back immediately.

I try reporting that I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Apparently, political calls (as well as charitable) are exempt.

I am not above hanging up on a real live person.

Staying in pajamas all day does not guarantee me an annoyance-free day of rest.

Do not call me. I won’t answer next time.

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