A Jell-O Pudding Sweet Tooth

What is America’s fascination with jello and whip cream desserts?

Is is an American fascination? Or is it just mine?

The combo is delightful…that is why I love it! And simple to boot. I’ve said before that it doesn’t take much in life to make me happy.

Forget the dessert. I’d probably be just as happy with a bowl of jello (any flavor) pudding, a tub o whip cream, and a large spoon. My very own little taste of heaven.

I was perusing Barnes and Noble the other day and found a cookbook devoted entirely to jello and whip cream desserts. Did I mention that I love both jello and whip cream? Do you think I bought that cookbook? You betcha, I did! I was ecstatic!

I took it home and drooled over the pictures and read the recipes. To may dismay, I’d already made most of them. (Except for an easy keylime pie with a pretzel crust that I’m dying to try.)

Instead of preparing one of those recipes, I decided to make up my own. And I must say it turned out delish!

I will share. I call it Mocha Pie. 

 You need 1 graham cracker pie crust, 1 8 oz container(thawed) cool whip, 1 8oz pkg. cream cheese, 1 lrg pkg vanilla instant pudding, 1 pkg (i serving size) Godiva hot chocolate mix, 3 T instant coffee granules (I don’t do instant so I had to borrow from my neighbor!), and 1 cup of milk

Beat the cream cheese with mixer until softened. Seperately mix the pudding, hot chocolate, and coffee with the milk. It will make a thick paste. Beat into the cream cheese. Then, blend in the cool whip. Pour into crust and let set in fridge for a couple of hours.


One thought on “A Jell-O Pudding Sweet Tooth

  1. You know, you probably shouldn’t broadcast that to anyone in driving distance. We may all end up on your doorstep, begging for just one bite!

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