Exercise Sucks

The Gazelle is not my friend. I don’t like him.

Yes, I really think he must be a guy. Who else would get such pleasure from making you sweat, pant, and groan?

Tony Little likes the Gazelle. Tony Little says it’s “fun, fun, fun, fun”. I beg to differ.

Tony Little promises “results, results, results, results”. I am waiting on that, too.

Oh…you actually have to use it to get results!

I do NOT have the firm butt that the infomercials sport, but again, I guess I’d actually have to use it!

So why did I buy the Gazelle you ask. Well, I didn’t. My friend gave it to me because she was using it as a coat rack. Great minds think alike!1015090825

I’m thinking maybe I should give the Gazelle another try. Maybe we should get better acquainted.

Maybe I should give him a name. Problem is I can only come up with one. Jerkwad. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile the Gazelle does make a fabulous coat rack..

One thought on “Exercise Sucks

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