The Vibration of 9


One doesn’t need to know where you’re going until you get there. For once you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you’ll understand the world is ablaze with love.

Synchronicity: Message received 6:39 am on 5/29/20…both equal vibration 9.

Answering Our Own Questions

It was a beautiful, crisp morning on the river. Everything moved at its own speed, each in control of only its actions. It made me reflect on my own journey, a quest for escaping chaos. I struggled for years for control of “my world” with little regard for patience. It took years of practice to develop skills which allowed me to enter a steady flow of calm. It was through silence and solitude I learned to trust myself…and when I surrendered I found everything for which I was searching. Equanimity rests in that sweet spot of loving without control or expectation. Faith (a deep knowing I was loved, supported, and guided) led me there. In retrospect, my life seeemed to be living the answers to the questions I’d never took the time to ask myself.

Today’s Pondering: What answers in your life do you seek answers but are unwilling to ask the questions?

River Sings a Song of Grace

This morning the river sings strongly, her voice echoing through my bones. My body knows this flow, and my heart the beat from which she moves. This grace starts from underground springs and knows how to find the ocean…this makes me wonder what am I capable of achieving. The cold water runs across my feet, and I drink in this fresh grace in which I am surrounded.

Today’s Pondering: Where do you see grace actively participating in your life?

River Reflections

Tye at Split Rock

Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips. — (Jean Giraudoux, The Madwomen of Chaillot)

Sitting on a boulder in the river, I listen to her rush through the banks as she heads down the mountain baptizing the earth with her collection from the heavy rains of yesterday. The sun shines upon my back embracing me in warmth and light. Birdsong stretches from the trees overhead through my ears carving a tunnel directly to my heart.  The stones speak of love and light from whence there was no time but only now. Shadows dance upon the water, rocks, tree trunks, and banks teasing me with their secrets, urging me to dig deeper and harder, to dive into the water beneath the rocks and into the earth…and perhaps, there within the depths of all my questions is where the answers wait to be discovered.

Today’s Pondering: I ask myself, of all the things I take from the earth, what am I giving back. How about you?

The Great Mystery

Today I’ve decided to share the last poem I posted on my poetry blog. This was posted in September 2017….Oh, I still write poetry, just haven’t been sharing. Anyway, this I hold close to my heart for it is my journey:

My feet pointing to the ground,

my hands reaching for the sky,

as I came to be, and the old

thoughts traveled with me.

I drifted into dreams,

wrote myself in a song,

and danced into life.

There was no mystery;

it was the way.

I was born living this thread

connecting you and me.

I have not forgotten.

Have you?

I was not born of silence.

My tongue, forbidden to

speak the language of my heart

became twisted, my words obsolete.

Those sacred utterances were buried

beneath the grit and grain of lineage.

I plucked my medicine from

the earth and healed myself.

I carry no gifts. I walk in truth,

the way in which we’ve forgotten.

I’ll tell you my story.

You tell me yours.

We’ll pray, chant, sing, and dance.

I remember.

Do you?

I was born of flint,

forager of food,

and fueler of fire.

I dowsed the land for water.

I dowsed my soul for wisdom.

Both run deep.

I am the caretaker of land and spirit.

I run deep.

I claim what has been denied me.

I claim I AM.

Do you?

The Spice of Life


The world seems to be in chaos. Don’t let it take you with it. It’s a time to delve deep, to reclaim the spice within…the essence of who you are.

Look for truth. Be discerning. Seek your inner wisdom.

Hold onto faith. Claim your spark.

You are compassionate.

You are courageous.

You are strong.

You are love.

You are beauty.

You are a blessing to this world.

Be a flower and unfurl.